How to Stake with Fat Matt Staking on Daedalus Wallet

1. Download/Install the Daedalus Wallet from their website: https://daedaluswallet.io/


2. Create/Restore/Add a wallet as required and follow the instructions on screen.


3. Click on the Delegation tab on the left, second from the top, below your wallet icon.


4. Click on “Stake Pools” on the top of the page.


5. Search for “FATTY”


6. Click on the Block that pops up for FATTY, then click on “Delegate to this pool”


7. Daedalus will prompt you with steps, follow the steps provided.


8. Select your wallet to delegate from. 


9. Type your spending password to pay the blockchain tx fee (this is a one time fee, you only pay if you switch pools again). 


10. You are now delegating!

When will I get my staking rewards? 

-In 15-20 Days, then every 5 days after that. Click Here for more information