How Staking Works

Staking Timeline:

Staking Questions

  • Fat Matt Staking has a pledge of 100,000₳+. 
  • The pledge is the amount of ada that the stake pool operator ‘delegates’ to their own pool when it is created. This pledge represents the operator’s commitment to maintain their pool and support network activity. Making a pledge is not required, however, it is recommended to pledge some ada to the stake pool prior to running it. The more ada that is pledged, the higher the pool rewards, which are dependent on the pool’s level of uptime and its performance.
  • This is the base fee that the SPO is paid for running the pool. This fee is paid by the Ouroboros protocol, and is taken from the entirety of the pool’s rewards, not your individual rewards. This is the minimum allowable fee by the protocol, and is intended to cover SPO operations & costs.
  • This is the percentage of total rewards the SPO is paid by the protocol, in addition to the 340₳ fee. Again, this is taken from the entirety of the pool’s rewards. Fat Matt Staking has a low margin, while still contributing to charity. 34% of all of our profits from the fee & margin are put into the Charity Wallet!
  • ROA or Return on ADA is a metric that tells you what percentage return on your ADA you can expect over a 365 day or 73 epoch period. This is based on past performance of the pool, and will vary over time between 4-6%.