Fat Matt Staking Genesis Story

Fat Matt Staking Genesis Story
Who we are, and why we are running a Cardano Stake Pool

Who We Are

Matt’s Story:

I’m fairly, politically incorrect, cuss a little, love all people regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, IQ, EQ, XYZ, and whatever other way people get labeled beyond just being people. I’m an entrepreneur, husband, father, son, friend, investor, business owner, and hopefully a great leader.

Business and work ethics come naturally to me due to the way of my upbringing, the son of a large cattle owner. I now strategically work in this industry, along with many other businesses.

I’m blown away at the amount of time that my family has spent teaching, writing letters, disciplining, and ultimately preparing me for the “real world.” I find wisdom nuggets scattered nearly everywhere I go around the world.

This leaves me with a massive advantage and significant favor. I’ve found provision for every project, circumstance, and situation that is in line with the business. Think of how a cowboy wearing his duster that is lined with pockets can pull out exactly what he needs exactly when he needs it.

Sounds impossible to many, but I tell you, it’s amazing what love can do. From an early age, I desired to help people in nearly every way possible. Values were handed down to me from my parents as they raised me in a Christian home. I did the church thing, was good to people, and stayed away from the bad stuff they warned me about. Basically, I was afraid if I did something wrong God would “get me” even worse than my parents would beat me. That all changed once I realized the bark was only dangerous if they found out. God didn’t get me and my parents didn’t find out (or so I thought, well it was much later when they did.) If the “bad” is this fun, I’ve got to do all the bad stuff, so tried nearly everything cheated, lied, stole, abused, and wasted so much of the family resources that I should have been disowned. How I didn’t end up dead is surprising as I look back.

Married at 19, life is a party, rocky at best marriage, and wanted to be single again. Somehow stayed together, married for 18 years, and have 5 kids.

Sounds great but even more problems arose along the way when my actions didn’t match my intentions or were disgraceful to the family business.

Working my way back into town and in relationship with my family after shoving everyone away, I got a job selling modular homes. People rarely remember, let alone ask for a name as common in our area as Matt Smith. But the same people couldn’t shake the mental picture of “Fat Matt”. As you’ve heard curiosity killed the cat… they went splat, no not that, ok enough… they remembered me.

I needed an LLC name for a business after my house was hit with a powerful hailstorm, and you guessed it Fat Matt LLC was not taken yet. I snatched it up, did my roof, friends, and families, and received referrals, then had to hire more people, and lived happily ever after. No.

Many more problems didn’t show up until after becoming successful at Fat Matt Roofing. I felt bulletproof as we were growing to new markets and getting into new trades. I had the throttle fully advanced in spite of the warnings from nearly every business coach, book, and friend with experience that we were growing too fast. Remember I have exactly what I need exactly when I need it. We grew too many locations, building homes, remodels, and strategizing how to do everything across the country or even the world. We would be just fine…. Fortunately, those resources were restricted and I had to refine the processes over the next few years. The vision is still to be the dominant roofing company in the country with a worldwide impact but to do this in a sustainable way. The right processes with the right people equal good things. Way to go team for being there even when we were lacking in so many ways.

Now I try to allocate my time strategically developing leaders, having grace with shortcomings, teaching my kids the business, and bringing others along this great journey. I wouldn’t want to trade the time refereeing my kids’ hockey games and snuggle hugs with them for nearly anything. I thought I knew love, but there is nothing like the love a good father has for his kids. My journey is to be the parent they and others think I can be, and watch them grow to do the same.

The struggle is real though. We only have so much time. How can I achieve all the current plans, dreams, and those I haven’t even thought of yet? Well, it certainly isn’t alone. In comes partnerships. I met Kyle playing hockey on the same team and developed a friendship. We would get together for dinner, entrepreneurial games, and discuss future businesses. Along the way start investing in stocks, transitioned to crypto, and “Poof!” a stake pool. (Well maybe this is an oversimplification, but so is the rest of what I said.)

I am a trailblazer, going hard in things I believe in. Thank you for blazing along this journey with me. I love the Lord and people but absolutely hate what religion has become and the atrocities that come with it. Love and forgive, people are not perfect. I remember hearing some good advice, “If you never heal from what hurt you, then you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.” The forgiveness I received is available to you too, and I’m honored to talk about it. Your turn. What’s your story? Send me a message.

Kyle’s Story:

I’ve always lived by the phrase “work smarter, not harder” since I was a kid. I love learning, I love being the best and everything I do and while I do work smarter, there is quite a bit of hard work I’ve put in over the years.

I grew up as a kid that had a natural talent for nearly everything I did, sports, school, music, games, you name it and I was good at it. That was a blessing and a curse, as when I was young, my work ethic was lacking, and everything came natural to me so why work hard at any of it? I began my college career with a focus on Computer Networking and earned a Net+ certification from it. I also had a huge passion for aviation and realized I couldn’t do both. So I decided to pursue both initially, if I couldn’t make aviation work then I’d fall back on my computer networking certification and build that into a career.

I was lucky enough to make it in aviation, and not long after college, my less-than-ideal work ethic was almost my downfall. In my first exam, I passed by one question! Immediately realizing I wouldn’t accept failure, my work ethic, and study habits had to change, and for the first time in my life, I had to try hard to do well at something. I am extremely thankful I came to that realization when I did in life, it’s set me up for many opportunities since then! Leaving my computer classes behind and instead pursuing my career in aviation, I was able to succeed in that field, where I am still working today.

I’ve mostly transitioned into an Instructor role within my aviation career, and love being able to teach and share my experiences with the new aviators that come in. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, and I’m lucky to have the privilege to do just that while still doing the job I love. Not that long ago I began expanding my teachings to anyone who would listen and wanted to learn. When I started out I wasn’t the smartest at life, I didn’t know finances that well, heck I could barely tell you what a 401k was initially. I learned a ton about all of those things and more along the way and wanted to share my knowledge. So I spend a lot of time teaching those wanting to learn about finances, crypto, and life, in general, to help them start off their career as best as possible.

That passion has helped me as an SPO, I love teaching people about Cardano, about the network, staking, etc. I could talk for hours about all this stuff and probably would if given the opportunity.

Outside of work, I am a husband and father of a 1-year-old boy. Anyone reading with kids understands the challenges and rewards that present on a daily basis, for those of you without kids, it is the most work you’ll ever do, but also the most rewarding thing you’ll ever get to experience. I’ve taken my financial teachings to the next level and have my kiddo set up with his own Cardano & Bitcoin wallets! One day I’ll be able to explain what are and why it is important. Heck, I even bought him a SpaceBud for his birthday.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, and though I don’t like to spend much time talking about myself, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you’d like!

How We Met

There’s only one place to play hockey here in Abilene, TX. The rink is concrete, and a little worn out, but it’s good enough to skate on. We both are huge hockey fans, and love to play as much as we can. Naturally once I started playing here in Abilene, Matt & I ran into each other (quite literally). We began talking hockey initially, then life, interests, etc. In 2020 during the stock market crash both of us started talking about how, when, and what to buy to start turning a profit, much like most of the world did at the time. We had many late-night discussions on the front porch, drinking whisky & discussing what moves to make in the market. From this point on, our shared interest in entrepreneurship and investing would blossom into much more.

Why We Chose to Create Fat Matt Staking

Cardano itself brings about a world of possibilities with regard to blockchain technology. We envision that we will see tons of new projects launch successfully on Cardano. We’ll see lives changed, improved, and economic prosperity brought to many people. We truly believe Cardano has the capability to do this. Certainly not this year, but in the next 5-10 years the world will be a much different place.

I’ve always had a drive within me to find something I could create of my own. Creating a business, either online or virtual was my dream. I can’t step away from my full-time job, so ideally, I wanted something online. One night out at a brewery with my brother, we were talking about ideas for investing and business. Coincidentally, I had listened to a podcast earlier that day that argued the #1 reason why most businesses fail is because you (the owner) aren’t passionate about it. So what could I start that I was passionate about, but was primarily online? That’s right when it hit me! A Cardano Stake Pool!

I immediately googled around to learn what was required to run one and the level of knowledge. After a short few minutes, while sipping on a cold beer outside, I slapped the table and said “That’s it, I’m doing this, my stake pool will be online by the end of August!” Not long after this, I met up with Matt for a beer and had the same talk, I described what was required, the goal and asked if he wanted to be a part of it. Seeing the passion in my argument, he was immediately on board. This all took place in June of this year (2021).

Once I started digging & researching how to do this, I quickly gained the confidence I needed to know that I could do it. My prior computer experience was paramount and I was able to re-learn Linux quickly. After a month and a half of research, learning, practicing on testnet, etc. I was ready to launch. I told myself if I was my own instructor, I’d say, “good job, you feel like you’re ready. Now build it one more time without any mistakes so you know you’ve got it!” And I spent the last weekend in August verifying my knowledge and built one last testnet server. “Time to go live!”

I reached out to Matt, told him to come over next weekend and let’s do it for real! We did exactly that, and on September 4th, 2021. Fat Matt Staking [FATTY] went live!

What Our Vision Is

Our goal for Fat Matt Staking is to become one of the top-tier staking pools on Cardano. We believe our charity fund is unique and gives the most capability to do good in the world, and we hope others will see that as well and want to take part.

We decided on the charity fund as a way to give after initially discussing how much to donate to charity. There was never a question in our minds of if we should donate, but only how much and in what fashion. We talked initially about doing 10% off the top of everything but wanted to do more. What could we come up with that everyone else isn’t already doing, and could have more of an impact? That’s when Matt came up with the idea to use Cardano’s staking rewards to build a fund that would pay out more over time. I immediately recognized this as very similar to an endowment fund, and we decided that would be perfect!

Our charity fund will be funded by putting 34% of our operator profits into a wallet, we then stake that wallet within our pool. Now the fund is earning 4-6% staking rewards each year. Our monthly contributions to the fund will be the fuel that keeps the fund growing, and the staking rewards will be the donation to the charities. This allows the fund to grow over time so that each month the donation is larger. As we grow as a stake pool, our profits should grow as well, and thus the 34% we allocate to the fund each month will increase. This meaning the fund will grow faster the better we do.

We see this with a long-term vision. Right now, and for the first few months, the donation won’t be very much. We plan to supplement this with our own money to ensure we are giving a good amount to charity. However, in a year, 3 years, 5 years, etc. we see having the capability to grow to a very sizable fund. In addition, if the price of ADA appreciates as well, in 2025 those donations will be very significant and will be much greater than if we were just doing a flat 10% each month.

We also decided that we should let the delegators of the pool pick the charity. We may have our ideas, and there are lots of pools giving to different causes out there. But what about the people who don’t find a charity pool that speaks to them? What about those who want to give to a local charity in their town? That is where we come in. Anyone delegating can nominate a charity that they want to donate to. We will pay out these donations monthly, and the first delegator chosen charity will pay out on Dec 1st, 2021! Donations will pay out monthly after that to different charities, so feel free to delegate then come by and nominate your charity!

We’ll have more details and math on the fund in our next blog post, so check back for that soon!

So, our goal with the pool is to create the biggest charity fund possible, so that we are always able to give to charity as we continue to operate, and most importantly, our donation and impact will continuously grow!

How you can help

How can you help us achieve our goal of creating the largest charity fund possible?

Delegate to FATTY, let your friends know about it, family, etc. The larger our pool gets, the more we are able to contribute to the fund, which results in larger donations to charity!

Join our Telegram t.me/fatmattstaking and say hi, interact and nominate a charity!

Follow us on twitter @fatmattstaking and stay up to date!