About Fat Matt Staking

Fat Matt Staking is a reliable and high-performance Cardano (ADA) staking pool. We’re committed to offering a secure, reliable, and profitable staking service for all Cardano delegators.

You Choose, We Give!

We believe strongly in the future of Cardano and it’s mission to radically change the financial world. Cardano seeks to equalize the financial playing field, so someone in a third world country, without a government ID or credit score can still save money, earn rewards/interest, and lend/borrow/invest just as the developed world does. We are passionate about Cardano’s ability to do this and want to help by running our Stake Pool, which helps decentralize and support the Cardano Blockchain. We took it a step further and set up a charity fund which we give 34% of profits to, and pay out 100% of that fund’s interest (staking rewards) each month to a delegator chosen charity. With the long term future in mind, we envision this fund growing each month, and with it, the donation size would appreciate as well, enabling us to give more in the future than possible right now!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide both new and experienced Cardano delegators with a secure, reliable, and profitable staking pool backed by real humans.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of a small group of business owners, investors, and successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a trusted partner for Cardano delegators looking to participate in the Cardano ecosystem.

Matt Smith


Co-Founder, Matt Smith, started going by “Fat Matt” during his days in the modular home sales business. After failed attempts to get his clients to call in and ask for “Matt,” he tried using “Fat Matt” instead. It worked, and clients immediately started calling or walking in and asking for “Fat Matt.” And when Matt (who was definitely not fat) would walk into the room and introduce himself as “Fat Matt,” he would kick off each new business relationship with a smile and a laugh. Then his house was hit by a huge hail storm, so he started Fat Matt Roofing, bringing this same sense of humor into the roofing industry.

Kyle Jones


Co-Founder, Kyle Jones, had a strong interest in computers as a kid. In college he took a litany of computer classes culminating in a Net+ Certification from CompTia. Kyle also has a love for aviation and pursued a flying career. After discovering Cardano he immediately wanted to find a way to contribute to the network and Cardano’s mission. In June 2021 he decided he would research and learn how to run a stake pool. Pulling from computer knowledge from years ago, Kyle spent a great deal of time re-learning the ins and outs of Linux, as well as practicing with the Cardano Node. Kyle is continuing his learning, working towards a Linux+ Certification to provide the best possible support to Fat Matt Staking.

Along the way Kyle and Matt met playing hockey, which turned to hanging out, talking investment strategies, to buying Cardano, and staking with other pools. Fast forward a little, one evening Kyle had a brilliant plan to start a stake pool, then the two decided to work together. On September 4th 2021, Matt & Kyle successfully launched Fat Matt Staking.

Where Do We Predict This Will Be In Five Years?

Most of the time when people ask us this question they want to know how much we think ADA will be worth compared to the US Dollar. This prediction would be impossible without knowing many factors including, how busy the money printer will be for this period of time. 

We prefer the perspective of how many lives will be transformed by the Cardano platform/blockchain. Will transparency continue to be an issue? Maybe censorship? Putting power into the hands of the user rather than power hungry controllers.


Individuals will benefit by having secure ways to store their digital resources, identification, and extremely low fees.

Groups of people, businesses, sport teams, and nearly every good or service will utilize the blockchain capabilities to streamline their processes and transparency. When this is the norm the end user will have the ability to make the best, most educated decision based on the facts. Sure there will be some bad actors, but news will travel fast ….


Third world and developing countries will see the value in using this technology to better the education, remote work, financial stability and ….. The list is beyond what anyone can currently imagine. What do you think it will look like? Let us know below.