Fat Matt Staking [FATTY] - A Mission Driven Cardano Stake Pool

Looking to fatten up your wallet? Let Fat Matt Staking grow your wallet 4-6% each year... paying you ADA every 5 days!*

We believe strongly in the future and longevity of Cardano, therefore, we are a unique mission driven pool. We give 34% of operator profits to the Fat Matt Charity Wallet; this wallet is staked within the pool and each month will pay out 100% of rewards to a charity chosen by delegators. Similar to an endowment fund, this will enable the donation amount to increase over time. Much like Cardano’s future, the Charity Wallet will continue to grow each Epoch, therefore paying out larger amounts over time!


This is no joking matter, people need help. We want to help the people you want to help. People helping people, powerful stuff.

You Choose, We Give!

Putting our A** on the line, that’s ADA by the way.

If the power goes down in one area, the relay is a long way off, keeping us up

Calculate How Much Reward You Can Earn from Staking ADA

*4-6% ROA, or return on ADA value (not USD value) is paid out every epoch (5 days) that Fat Matt Staking produces a block. While Fat Matt Staking is a new pool, rewards may not be every epoch, but will still average out to 4-6% each year.